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What You Do

  1. Name your bottle Call your product by your name or nickname.
  2. Take Our Survey Tell us about your hair, your needs, and your climate (by giving us your zipcode), and we can start working on the perfect formula for your hair.
  3. Select your fragrance Choose from amazing fragrances, a scent perfect for you.
  4. Select your frequency You can receive just one order of your customized products or choose to keep replenishing your supply every month. You can cancel anytime.

What We Do

  1. We receive your order We assign one of our Formulators to make your order based on your requirements.
  2. We make your order Your order is hand made, from thousands of variations of ingredients and infusions (learn HERE), your order will be made based to years of research and stylist testing to match your needs and climate.
  3. We pack and ship to you for free Your freshly made order, will never sit on warehouse or store shelves. It will be shipped to you immediately - for free.
  4. Your Formula is constantly updated You can let us know of your new location by changing your zipcode, or tell us that your needs have changed, and new formulations will be shipped to you. Otherwise, your formulation will change based on your climate from month to month.

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