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What Causes Hair Damage?

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To keep your hair gorgeous and damage free, ditch the habits that do the most damage:

Chemical Processing - Bleaching, perming or chemically straightening your hair can cause all sorts of of damage to your hair from stripping it completely of its pigment and moisture, to changing the chemical structure of the bonds that keep your hair healthy and strong.  Avoid these processes as much as possible.

Highlighting/Coloring - While not quite as bad as bleaching, you are still using chemicals to alter the appearance of your hair.  This can cause your hair to become weaker, dull and dry.  

High Heat Styling - Using temperatures over 300 degrees to style your hair will cause massive damage.  High heat depletes your hair of moisture and causes the hair structure to melt or become weaker.

Over Styling - Styling your hair too often can cause damage.  Tight braids or ponytails with tight bands will snag or break hair.  Excessive use of styling tools and products can strip the hair of moisture.  Over brushing your hair can cause damage, as well as attempting to brush or handle your hair too much when it's wet and at its most vulnerable state.

Overuse of Products - Using too many products in your hair can cause a damaging buildup that prevents your hair from retaining moisture, or even can cause it to dry out.  Washing your hair too frequently, especially with products that have harsh chemicals, will strip your hair of its natural oils.

Hair Extensions and Weaves - Hair extension can cause damage as well.  They irritate the scalp, pull on your natural hair, and cause hair to break, even damaging the follicle.

B-Good to your Hair

B vitamins are essential to healthy hair growth.  Unlike the other single vitamins, A, D, or C, the essential B vitamins work together in a group called the B-complex.  The most well known of these vitamins are Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, and Cobalamin (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 [...]

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Timeless Hair

In your 50's and beyond, you pine for the gorgeous thick full hair you had in your teens and 20's.  As you age, your hair will become finer, thinner and more prone to damage.  While you can't stop the aging process, there are many things you can do to prevent prematurely aging your hair.  The [...]

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Accessorizing Your Hair

You spend hours looking for the perfect dress to fit your body type and, of course, the perfect shoes to match that dress, the matching makeup, manicure and pedicure, but the most underrated of it all is finding that perfect hair accessory to tie it all together!  Hair accessories are on of the most trending [...]

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The Crazy Things Your Hair Does in Pregnancy

If you’ve ever heard that a pregnant woman “glows,” there’s a reason. It’s more than just inner joy of a baby growing inside her radiating out. It’s the outer glow of having beautiful skin and hair that gets a healthy boost from pregnancy and hormone changes.Some of the change can be attributed to vitamins. Women [...]

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How to Repair Split Ends

Unfortunately, once the ends of your hair split and become damaged, there is no way to really repair them. Typically it’s best to take a pair of scissors and “cut your losses” so to speak. Keeping your hair trimmed prevents the damaged from traveling up the hair shaft to the root. The only way to [...]

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Summer Hair Care and Styling

Your hairstyle, color and look may change with the season, but so should your hair care!  When facing the elements, from blistering winds to ever-dreadful humidity, adjusting your hair care routine to the climate is extremely essential to having gorgeous hair all year round. The humid days of summer are unavoidable. In humid weather, your hair [...]

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5 Hair Secrets No One Told You

Hair Experts Best Kept Secrets for Beautiful HairYou’ve seen her. She sat in front of you on an airplane. The stranger on the subway you couldn’t help but stare at. Or she’s that woman across the room at a party; you can’t tell if you recognize her as an acquaintance or a [...]

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